This is for first-time home buyers

Buy Your First Property Here and Get a Free Car After!

Imagine buying your first, completed property in PJ at such an undervalued price that you get enough cash to afford a new car!

with just A minimum salary of RM4,500, you can get

Buy up to 20% below Median price with potential RM1,000 positive cashflow

Get a car/get married for free with MASSIVE cashback

Walkable to Paradigm Mall and only minutes away to LRT Kelana Jaya

The Cheapest Mall-Integrated Leasehold Condo in Petaling Jaya With Potential of RM220K Monster Cashback!

  • Less than 10 minutes to Federal Highway, NKVE and LDP.
  • 2 km away from 4 different Kelana Jaya Line LRT stations.
  • Best valued for a luxury lifestyle with great facilities and amenities.
  • Strong rental demand from thousands of high-paying jobs within Kelana Jaya area.

Strategic Location for your Lifestyle

You should buy this property if you are...


Own-stay buyers who want to live in a luxury, mall integrated condo with reasonable price in PJ.


Working in Kelana Jaya and Petaling Jaya and tired of commuting from far away.


Seeking to invest in your property with potential positive cashflow of RM1,000+.


First home buyers who want to indulge a cashback up to RM200K - can even get a NEW CAR for FREE!

Again, Why Should You Rent When Owning It Make You Spend Less?

If this deal sounds like a no-brainer for you, we will explain to you how this deal works.

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Many people think you need a lot of money upfront to buy a property, but there are ways to make it easier.
You can look into loans or government schemes and with the right strategy, you can even buy one without capital.

It's normal to feel stuck with so much to learn about buying a house, like taxes and managing a rental. Try to tackle one thing at a time, or you can always reach us to guide you through the steps.

It's important to think about your situation; your job, your financial etc. But bear in mind that it's better to buy as soon as possible, because the price is only going to be higher.

Finding the right house takes time and research. Think about what's important to you, like the area, size, and what the house offers. Ask lots of questions, and don't rush your decision.

Starting your research can feel overwhelming. Focus on finding good sources of information and take it step by step. Again, you can always reach out to us and ask our experts what would be the first step for you.

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