This is for first-time home buyers

Why Rent When You Can Buy Cheaper?

Would you believe you could buy your first home in Puchong for only RM1,200/month?

with just A minimum salary of RM3,500, you can get

Live rich, pay less with fully furnished condo in Puchong for only RM1.1K

Best suited for ownstay buyers who want to own property and pay less

Less than 10 minutes to IOI Puchong and nearest LRT Station

Cheapest Fully Furnished Condo in Puchong, Less than 10 Minutes to IOI Mall, Only for RM1,200 per month!

  • Less than 10 minutes to LRT Bandar Puchong
  • Less than 10 minutes to IOI Puchong Mall and Lotus
  • Mature area with comprehensive amenities
  • Best entry price in Puchong; try and find a better offer than this.

Strategic Location for your Lifestyle

You should buy this property if you are...


Working in Subang or Sunway, and seeking for your first own-stay property.


Getting married in the next 4-5 years, seeking for your first property in Klang Valley.


Currently paying for more than RM1.5K for house rent - making other people rich.


First and Second time Home Buyer who want to enjoy up to RM250+ positive cash flow.

Again, Why You Want To Rent When You Can Buy Absolutely Cheaper!?

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